Old Spig


Joseph Delaney

First and Last Appearance

The Spook's Stories: Witches





Old Spig was a character in the Spook's: Witches.

Description and history

Spig was one of Bony Lizzie's familiar. He was a Brain Guzzler, one of the deadliest familiars a witch can have. After threatening Alice, he was killed with salt by Alice herself.


He was the familiar of Bony Lizzie and she made Alice in her first lesson sniff three pots to tell which one contained the poison and in the pot Alice chose was a small gremlin-like creature, which was Old Spig. Spig one night jumps in the stew and Alice insults him by calling him “you dirty little thing”.

Then Spig is sawn by Alice to jump out of Nannas head. She realises that had guzzled Nanna’s brains and has been using her body as a human vessel for a long while. Spig jumps in the stew again and once again Alice’s insults him, this time Spig says he will consume her brains and use her as a vessel.

Alice gets a sharp knife and attempts to kill Spig but fails after he escapes into Nanna’s head. Alice steals from salt from a farmer’s field and goes back to defeat Spig. She fills Nanna’s currently empty head with salt. Spig appears and tries to kill Alice but she hurls salt at him which burns corrosively.

He attempts to escape into Nanna’s head and once inside, Alice stitches the scalp back on where Spig dies, burning in salt.

Powers and skills

  • Super Strength.
  • Invisibility.
  • Body Jumping.