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  • Hooking
  • Paralysing with her Blood-filled Eye

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  • Razor-Sharp Teeth
  • Razor-Sharp Hand Claws
  • Webbed Feet
  • Razor-Sharp Toe Claw
  • Blood-filled eye, Held close with a Bone pin

Template:!- Template:! Age Template:! Unknown, guessed to be around 1,000 years old Template:!- Template:! Death Template:! Killed by Grimalkin after Tom cast his silver chain around her on the edge of a marsh. Template:!- Template:! Species Template:! Water Witch, but could have traits inherited from the Fiend

Morwena, or "Bloodeye," is an extremely powerful water witch. She is The Fiend's (and a witch called Grimsdale's) daughter and thus Alice's half-sister.

Bill Arkwright has dedicated himself to hunting Morwena down. Morwena gets her power from being in the water, so facing her out of water makes her weaker. She leaves a mark on people by driving her nail through some part of their skin, usually the hand. Morwena may also pierce her nails into the roof of the mouth, which is the worst type. She is killed at the end of The Spook's Mistake (Wrath of the Bloodeye) by Grimalkin after Tom Tom binds her with his silver chain. Later, Alice lies to Tom making him believe that she took Morwena's blood and put it into the blood jar. 


She has dark hair down to her shoulders. Around her shoulders she has smock covered in green scum, while on the lower half of her body she wears a ragged skirt caked with brown marsh slime. She has two rows of yellow-green teeth with four immense fangs instead of normal canines.

Her left eye is normally closed, the right one open – a vertical slit like the cold eye of a snake or lizard – and her nose is a beak of sharp bone without any covering of flesh or even skin. Her hands look human aside from her fingernails, which are sharp, curved talons. Her toes are webbed and ending in a sharp talon.

After touching her left eye with fingers to release the seal upon her eye it opens very wide. The opened eye is completely red as if completely filled with blood and the person looking at the eye becomes paralyzed. It costs a lot of energy though and she can only use it on one person at a time, hence why she keeps it closed most of the time.

Second death

When Alice Deane and Thorne were travelling through the Fiend's domain, the came across a big lake and Alice suspected that Morwena was in the water to kill them. She wanted Morwena to use her blood eye on her so that Thorne could come and kill her. Morwena took them by surprise when they were crossing the lake and Morwena used the blood eye on Alice. Alice was happy because Thorne could now kill Morwena but there were other water witches and Thorne was busy fighting them. She was then killed by a large skelt that stuck its mouth in the back of her neck.

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