Welcome to the Manual of Style for the Wardstone Wiki. This article acts as your go to guide as to what we expect an article to look like, in terms of style, formatting, images and wording. Please: read on.

For the Wiki Rules, see: Wiki Rules.


Opening Line

The first line of John Gregory's article.

For every article, you must have an opening line. 


John Gregory is one of the main protagonists in the Wardstone Chronicles.

For the introduction, which, in some cases, can be longer than just one line, must include these items:

  1. Title of the page in bold
  2. Link to the book or series of books

For some pages, this can be the bare minimum.


For every new heading/subsection, choose the heading text ‘font’.  Remember to include at least three heading sections for the most in-depth amount of information as possible:

Powers and Abilities

An example of a heading.

  • Description
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Career (for character articles)
  • Location (for location articles)
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 16.15.20

An example article with two types of headings.

Giving headings titles

When writing headings, remember that the style on this wiki is to have only one capital letter - which is the first word in the sentence. 


            History and Heritage – Incorrect

            History and heritage - Correct

General styles

If you need to highlight a word, or exaggerate it, do not underline it.  Make it bold.  If doing quotes, use a block quote, instead of a paragraph, or preformatted.

With subheadings, use the ‘subheading 1 or 2’, depending on importance. When inserting a picture, always write a caption. When editing an article, always write an explanation of what you have changed.


If venturing into spoiler territory, these signals must be used.

This makes everyone’s job easier.

Before publishing an article, read it over, checking for incorrect spellings, punctuation and grammar.

You should put a 'spoiler warning' in an article when spoilers are present.

Making links to other sites

Other Site

This is what it looks like when linking outside the wiki.

Remember that you can make links to other sites, such as Wikipedia or Google.


Greece is linked to Wikipedia because there’s no need for an article on the wiki, because there is one on Wikipedia.


You are not permitted to use strong language or obscene images in any articles.

You can see an example page: Page Example

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