Maenads are wild women from Greece who get their powers from blood and wine. They work themselves into a frenzy which makes them real savage and gives them great strength. With their superhuman strength they can pull their enemies apart bare handed. Maenads are so wild that they are considered to be more animal than human. Maenads are not considered witches but ther are maenads who can scry they don't use mirrors though, instead they make a sacrificial goat drink a lot of wine and when the goats' finished drinking it the maenads split it open and study the innards. Voila! Sight into the future. In Greek mythology maenads were the follower's of Dionysus god of wine and they did indeed work themselves into frenzies which made them behave like little more than animals. In "The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons Maenads are the followers of the Ordeen.