Mab Mouldheel is the leader of the Mouldheel clan and a powerful witch and scryer. She is only a teenager, though she is described as "fierce" by Alice Deane. She claims to love Tom Ward but he finds Mab evil and obnoxious. She has two younger twin sisters, Beth and Jannet.


Mab is green-eyed, pretty faced, and has long blonde hair. As a Mouldheel she does not wear shoes, she was dressed in a washed-out blue dress with ragged sleeves when Tom met her for the first time in Pendle. Her clothing is usually muddy and dirty, however, she is still described as attractive by Tom when they meet for the first time in The Spook's Revenge.


She has a strong personality and has been proven to be ruthless when she threatened to kill a child to blackmail Tom into opening a treasure chest. She is also a blood witch meaning she is willing to kill for her magic and power. However, she did form an alliance with Mam and Tom to travel to Greece and fight the Ordeen.


Pendle Encounter

Travel to Greece

Destruction of the Fiend


She is described as a powerful witch on several occasions by both Tom and Alice. Another indicator of her power is that she is the lead of the Mouldheel clan at a young age, one of the most powerful clans in the County.


  • Mab is a very powerful scryer. she can predict the future very skillfully and accurately. She even managed to scry information about the the battle of the ward stone even though the information was cloaked by Lukrasta and Alice.


  • Control over humans - She was able to manipulate Tom, a seventh son of a seventh son, to kiss her and attempted to sap his power from him.
  • Possible Dream Manipulation - Before Tom meets Mab he has a weird dream about Alice's death with a prophecy about her death told by Tibb just like Mab told him a prophecy of Alice's death afterward.


Beth and Jannet Mouldheel

Thomas Jason Ward

Alice Deane



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