John Gregory is one of the main protagonists in The Wardstone Chronicles.


John Gregory was born in the Anglezarke Moor, where he later moved to 13 Watery LaneHorshaw, where he and his family grew up. The house was haunted by the ghasts of a miner and his wife. The miner had lung cancer, so he could not work any more. His wife worked in a bakery and was very pretty. When the woman came home one night very late, he threw into a rage, believing she had been with another man. He killed her by hitting her over the head with a piece of coal and then buried her in the cellar. Feeling regret at his actions, later that night he killed himself. 

John Gregory, being the seventh son of a seventh son, had to endure the cries of the ghasts every night and the sounds of the miner walking around the house. When he told his father of the cries, his father didn’t believe him and beat him for lying. After deciding to become a spook, John Gregory took all of his apprentices to this house so that he could see what they were made of. Many fled the house, but some, such as Tom Ward, stayed on. At midnight, he required his apprentices to face what was in the cellar, which turned out to be John hiding in a corner.

John Gregory had always been known by his apprentice, Tom Ward as 'the Spook' and despite there being many spooks in the world, John Gregory was always the one to be primarily referred to in the term since his apprentice only knew him. The Spook had became one of the most recognized spooks and had assisted in destroying many ancient gods including the Ordeen. The Spook did not specialize in anything but did well in all that a spook does. Twenty-nine apprentices were trained before Tom and few had passed their tests, and many had died in their apprenticeship. Tom was his most gifted and last apprentice.

Physical Appearance

He is said to be a tall man with a beard, a crooked nose, and green eyes.


He is shown to be a very strict man and does not like anyone who doesn't follow his rules.  However he is shown to be a very kind man with an open-mind to all his apprentices-including Tom. He is bound to a very strict moral code and does not approve of using the "dark", even for the "greater good".

Powers and abilities

The spook is shown to be highly skilled with his staff and chain, and before his recent decline, was very energetic and had high stamina.

  • Mediumship: Gregory has the natural ability of all seventh sons, of seventh sons to speak and hear the dead, long spirits past.
  • Marksmanship: Being a Spook for over 60 years has armed Gregory with expert marksmanship abilities, especially when confronted with beings that need to be bound with a silver chain, one of the main tools of trade for a Spook.
  • Immunity: Being a seventh son of a seventh son, the Spook is immune to a witch's long range sniffing and the Siren's song.



Andrew Gregory

John and Andrew often have a fairly warm brotherly relationship, with Andrew often worrying about his younger brother's well being. They have been shown disagreeing several times, but it's obvious that the two brothers are still on good terms with one another.

Paul Gregory

John appeared to trust Paul when he was a child, telling each other about their nightmares and trusting one another to wake them up before the nightmare ended. Nothing else is known about Paul, other than the fact that he is dead.

Tom Ward

The spook often acts distant and professional towards Tom, rarely praising him incase it causes Tom to become too proud or arrogant, but occasionally shares the odd joke with his apprentice. The spook is shown to genuinely care for Tom, by trying to cheer him up when he is distressed. As the series goes on, the relationship changes often. Sometimes for the worst, when Tom uses the dark, does something wrong with Alice or goes against him. However it also changes for the better as you see Tom start to take over from John and he simply mentors him, and becomes a type of father figure to him. 

Alice Deane

The spook strongly distrusts Alice, causing them to have a highly strained relationship; but it is hinted that they share a sense of humour, when Alice laughs loudly at one of his jokes about Tom's cooking. Many times the Spook tries to get rid of Alice, either by pit, banishment, or simply sending her away. He does however realize the relationship between Tom and Alice and their closeness, but he doesn't want them together, due to his distrust of Alice.

Bill Arkwright

The spook's opinion on Bill are almost completely unknown, the few things the spook has said about Arkwright are about his disapproval of his harsh behavior towards the apprentices he takes on for six months, mentioning how he had previously never wanted to send another boy into his training, but changing his mind later and sending Tom to spend the late fall and winter with him. Despite this, John appears to like Bill in the end, being saddened by his death and being willing to go through several setbacks when trying to rescue him after being kidnapped by water witches.


The spook disagrees with a lot of her ways, but appears to have a great underlying respect for Mrs.Ward, shown when he bows to her in the first book.

Meg Skelton

The spooks former true love, although a lamia witch John could not bear putting her in a pit. John and Meg lived together in Chipenden until residents began to become jealous of her beauty and accused her of being a witch. In response Meg cast spells on the women, causing John to lock her up in his winter house in Anglezark. The Spook gives her a tea with special substances to make her forget she is a witch, until she is not given the tea and she realizes she was fooled. When she finds out, she decides to go home to Greece, and John is heartbroken.

Morgan Hurst

A former apprentice of the spook who turned to the dark, and tried to raise Golgoth. Morgan successfully raises Golgoth but at the cost of his life, for the spook changed the inscriptions, in case Morgan ever tried again his life and soul would be sucked out by Golgoth.

Judd Brinscall

He is a Spook who John Gregory trained as his apprentice.


Gregory was killed fighting alongside the witch assassin, Grimalkin, while trying to stop the Fiend's servants from reuniting the Fiend's severed head and body. Tom had the honor of inscribing his tombstone, Tom chose "Here lies John Gregory of Chipenden. The greatest of the County spooks." It is next to the bench in the Western Garden.



  • Over the course of certain events, such as being defeated by Bony Lizzie over three times, the Spook has weakened to the point where he considers sending Tom out on the more dangerous jobs. In Lure of the Dead, he transfers the mantle of The Chipenden Spook to Tom.