Golgoth, also known as the Lord of Winter, is a character in The Spook's Secret who also appears later on in the Starblade Chronicles.


Golgoth is the Old God of Winter, nicknamed the Lord of Winter or the Butcher God. He is described as a floating shadow with two glowing red eyes.

As stated in The Dark Army, the cold he exerts is not magic but his very essence as an Old God.

Golgoth is able to be summoned at the loaf up on Anglezarke Moor as seen when Morgan Hurst attempted to summon Golgoth, and when the Kabolas summoned Golgoth into the county.

Golgoth in the Starblade Chronicles

Golgoth has joined alliances with the Kobolas race, a northern beast-like race that thrives in the cold and snow. After The Fiend was slain, the new Kabolas god Talkus consumed his essence, amplifying the powers of the Kabolas and helping them conquer the Southern Kingdoms. The reason why Golgoth supports their conquest is due to their final goal of eliminating all humans and ushering the earth into a new ice age.

The Kabolas have employed Golgoth against armies in their conquest south, as seen against the Germanic tribes in their forests where their entire army was decimated in one sweep.


While it is unlikely that Golgoth will be easily destroyed by Tom Ward and his friends, the greatest possibility of combating him lies in Pan, the god of nature and life. Due to how opposing Golgoth is to Pan, they are enemies of each other and have fought on occasions, such as when Pan was summoned by Alice when the Kabolas summoned Golgoth. Although hurt by Pan, Golgoth was not destroyed by him and will likely make another appearance if the series does continue.

Know relations with other Old Gods

•Talkus; Golgoth has allied himself with Talkus and continues to aid in the war efforts as they seek to turn the world into a frozen wasteland.

•Pan; Due to the clashing essences of both of these gods, they remain enemies. While Pan seeks to help life grow and nurture it, Golgoth seeks an eternal Winter which would eliminate most life.

•The Fiend [Deaceased]; Known allies until The Fiend was slain by Tom Ward, in which case Golgoth is now allied with Talkus, who consumed the essence of The Fiend after his body was pulled into a spring.