The Buggane

A Buggane

BUGGANES=== The buggane is a category of daemon that frequents ruins and usually materializes as a black bull or a hairy man, although other forms are chosen if they suit its purpose. In marshy ground bugganes have been known to shape-shift into wormes.

The buggane makes two distinctive sounds - either bellowing like an enraged bull to warn off those who venture near its domain, or whispering to its victims in a sinister human voice, which it does in spirit form. The bellows of the bull are full of dark magic and freeze its victims in dread. It tells the afflicted that it is sapping their souls, and their terror lends the daemon even greater strength. Covering one's ears is no protection - the voice of the bugganes is heard right inside the head. Even the profoundly deaf have been known to fall victim to its insidious sound. Those who hear the whisper die within days unless they slay the buggane. It stores the life-force (animism) of each person it slays in a labyrinth, which it constructs far underground.

Bugganes are immune to salt and iron, which makes them hard to kill and to confine. The only thing they are vulnerable to is a blade made from silver alloy, which must then be driven into the heart of the buggane when it has fully materialized.

Another source of their strength is the alliance they sometimes make with witches or mages: in return for human sacrifices they will destroy an enemy

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